Yoga and Art Therapy

Yoga and Art provide proven benefits to a client seeking recovery from addiction. Along with healthy nutrition and counseling, Yoga and Art are two combinations of treatment used at Satori Waters to release tension for overall wellness.

As a leading rehab center, one of our missions is to amend treatment programs through various steps. Yoga is proven to be a natural mood booster and enhance brain function. Daily Yoga helps to promote mental and physical health after being deteriorated by the chemicals put in our bodies prior to entering treatment.

At Satori Waters, yoga is an essential companion to go with other programs as it uses the most natural healing source. Yoga and art therapies help the individual cope with their dysfunctional behavior and emotions. Satori Waters provides yoga teaching to practice self control through breathing and simple postures. This becomes an effective coping skill to achieve a peaceful mind.

Many people fail during meditation because they are not content enough and lack of the sense of faith. Yoga helps to improve their feeling of contentment. This is because yoga postures express self acceptance. We believe that when you accept your life the way it should be; your failure and your achievement; you will eventually reach an inner peace that any other exercises many not able to accomplish.

It helps to realize that you can achieve your goals. The yoga positions focus on creating a connection- a spiritual connection through meditation and movement that may encourage a higher understanding.