Interactive Journaling

At Satori Waters, we use the Interactive Journaling method:  A client-focused program that guides patients with the disorder using self reflection journals. It aims to reduce the drug abuse along with its related effects.

As a leader in behavioral change, we work together with The Change Companies to apply this relevant method for drug addiction issues. As a powerful tool, the journal will be written by the patient with specific structure and expression. It involves motivation and interview sessions to recognize their cognitive interventions.

Our approach will aid all participants personally to develop their progress on each phase. Putting pencil to paper is the basic step to self knowledge as clients can discuss and actively engage with personal conversation. It can determine the value and insights that a person has and actually put it into settings so they can improve their self being.

The worksheet will be evidence based, as the patient undergoes behavioral therapy and motivational treatment. It applies theories demonstrated by research and studies- all of which is proven to be effective.

At Satori Waters, the client centered practice is non confrontational and non sequential. We identify each patient's unique strength and weakness, and combine all the possible elements to support the goal. It also involves case management.

With this in mind, our service is versatile for any drug abuser. With a wide array of program options, there is a coaching clinic to aid underlying causes with useful facilities. There is also e-learning that can educate clients to best implement the practices.

The journal is believed to be relevant in delivering positive results through group discussion and eye-to-eye because we understand that each patient is unique and there is no ‘one plan’ that can fit for all. With the flexibility, we opt to serve the highest quality treatment in constructing ideas for a better well-being.