Prescription Drug Addiction

Addiction and withdrawal symptoms which put our lives at risk are treated at Satori Waters by our highly qualified personnel. Here we offer numerous services which will help you overcome addiction. So if you have a problem with prescription drugs, we encourage you to take the first step to full recovery at Satori Waters.

Treatment of prescription drug abuse will help you battle dependence to this kind of drugs. Your health will no longer be jeopardized by dangerous substances. Moving forward to successful recovery, you will get help from our competent specialists in nutrition, doctors, and psychologists and you will never feel alone.

Prescription drugs are available at any pharmacy for anyone with a doctor’s prescription. It is a medicine that restrains or endorses chemical brain reactions.

There are three different classes of this type of substances:

  • Tranquilizers (also known as Sedatives) are used to treat sleeping disorders as well as anxiety.
  • Stimulants are prescribed to those suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity.
  • Opiates help to overcome various kinds of pain.

Using this type of drug can lead to addiction. That’s why there must be control over the use of prescription drugs. Only prescriptions written by health care professionals with medical license are valid. They also determine the manner to take the drugs. Some individuals are more inclined to developing an addiction to this type of drug than others.  However, many people develop an addiction to such drugs unintentionally. It is a gradual process affecting the life and health of the people beyond their will.
Immediate relief of pain is the main reason why most abusers start taking these types of drugs. However, pleasurable feelings are also the effect prescription drugs have on people. The tolerance from medicines prescribed by professional doctors is a real risk for the patients taking them. It leads to increasing doses to provide the same effects. Due to this, physical and psychological become a threat to the life and well-being of those who take prescription drugs for medical reasons.

The effects are determined by the kind and amount of medicine abused. The risks are the following:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Sedation
  • Poor coordination
  • Changes in states of consciousness
  • Blood pressure or heart rate changes
  • Constipation, nausea, and diarrhea
  • Depressed respiration

Fortunately, there are ways of treating this kind of drug addiction. However, the sudden stop of using these medicines can cause complications like convulsions or seizures. That is why Satori Waters'  Prescription Drug Treatment Centers offer fulltime medical care and monitoring to prevent dangerous consequences. The withdrawal from prescription drugs without necessary supervision can cause serious implications and even be lethal.