Methamphetamine Addiction

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How do we know if someone requires a Meth Addiction Treatment? If this person has odd sleeping patterns, body sores and problems with general behavior, they need immediate help. The personnel of Satori Waters help patients by providing them with fulltime medical care and a compassionate attitude.

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While methamphetamine is a schedule two drug available in prescription form Desoxyn for psychological issues such as ADD/ ADHD, the majority of street methamphetamine is produced in home labs or massive clandestine operations in countries such as Mexico. Comprised of toxic chemicals that can easily be found in home and at local retailers, methamphetamine addiction represents a huge threat in the landscape of drug abuse.

Toxins And Immediate Dangers To Methamphetamine Users and Cooks

Since the ingredients used to "cook" meth are readily available, it is quite easy for addicts to make their own. The ingenuity of methamphetamine addicts is without comparison since they take many common chemicals to create their drug of death:

  • Lye (Sodium Hydroxide found in drain cleaner)
  • Muractic Acid (Diluted hydrochloric acid which is the same acid found in our stomachs to digest food)
  • Iodine or Lithium (Pure Iodine is used to treat wounds and the Lithium used in methamphetamine manufacturing typically comes from batteries)
  • Phosphorous (found either in liquid form or at the tips of matches)
  • Over the counter cough medicine containing pseudoephedrine

As amazing as it may be that people would ever consider ingesting these toxins, a methamphetamine user is taking each one in their body every time that they use methamphetamine. Of equal surprise is the dangers that a "methamphetamine cook" faces when they are making meth:

  • Risk of fire
  • Explosion from improper chemical handling
  • Life changing burns and wounds
  • Death due to a lab exploding

As real as the dangers of these toxins and manufacturing process are, a methamphetamine addict is willing to take them in order to obtain their fix.

How To Tell If Someone Is Using Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is truly a destructive force when it comes to drugs and drug addiction. There are many pictures across the internet that show the possible outcomes of even just several months of using. So what are some of the basic things to look for?

  • Odd sleeping patterns such as staying awake for days and then sleeping for days
  • Irrational actions, speech, and general behavior
  • Sores on face, arms, or legs that are the result of picking

Among these signs methamphetamine also poses other health risks:

  • Severe dental problems
  • Nasal damage from snorting
  • Increased risk of heart problems, including heart attack

While methamphetamine can be tested using a standard drug test, the damage that it can do will likely only be noticed when it is almost too late for a user. This powerful stimulant drug has a way of ravaging a body like few other drugs. If the help is not immediately sought out,  then jail, institutions, or death are the most probable outcomes for methamphetamine addicts.