Ecstasy (MDMA) Addiction

When the harm of MDMA Addiction becomes unbearable, it is time to seek help with Satori Waters.   MDMA users do not realize at what a great coast the effects of this drug come to them. Blinded by the desired results of the “love drug” they remain blissfully unaware of potential risks such as hyperthermia and toxic brain damage not to mention that use of this type of addictive substance can lead to death.

The fulltime support of the professionals at Satori Waters enables patients to feel safe and sound. Holistic approach of the staff guarantees effective recovery. Meeting the needs of each client is a must for the Satori Waters team.

This addictive substance which is also called Eve, Molly or more commonly Ecstasy has no medical purposes and is only used for research.

However, it does not stop people from becoming addicted to MDMA. Physical and psychological well-being is drastically affected by this drug as a result of long term effects of the substance on the user's brain.

Effects Of MDMA

MDMA is mostly used in clubs or at parties. The effects of “the love drug” match this type of environment perfectly:

  • Increased sensitivity to tactile sensations
  • Lowered personal inhibitions
  • Mild hallucinogenic effects
  • Increased empathy and energy

Due to the desperate pursuit of positive effects of the drug, the users ignore the negative impacts.  They include:

  • Extremely depressing comedown
  • Changes in sleep patterns and cycle
  • Clenching teeth
  • Cramping muscles
  • Chills and sweating

Taking into account the damage the users of MDMA cause their body there can be no possible benefits. People who suffer from MDMA Addiction develop a different priority set from what they used to have before taking the wrong step. Truly meaningful things lose their significance in the eyes of the addicts and their attention shifts to getting the necessary fix.

Other Dangers Of MDMA

To make the matters worse there are many more dangers of “the love drug”. It is often the cause of risky sexual behavior that can lead to unwanted pregnancy or catching a disease. Here are some other implications of “the love drug” usage:

  • Toxic brain damage which can result in holes in the brain of the addict
  • Addiction
  • Death
  • Hyperthermia
  • Misrepresented drug receiving

MDMA does not take many lives each year, but most deaths occur due to misrepresented MDMA. Most people buying the drug in a club or at a party cannot distinguish the actual drug from misrepresented product. However, quality MDMA can be hardly considered better the evil, as it causes addiction. The users become dependent on artificial happiness and empathy “the love drug” provides. In most cases MDMA Addiction becomes obvious to people surrounding the addict, after their desire to experience the effects of the substance prevail over other things that used to have meaning in life.