Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction (Alcoholism) is a disease which brings suffering to people all over the world regardless of their social status, age and sex. Those who abuse alcohol have different symptoms depending on the amount of consumed alcohol.

Alcohol addiction has a number of physical signs typical of adults who are affected by this disease. It is not surprising that there is a huge variety of signs but here are the most widespread symptoms:

  • Balance problems
  • Indistinct speech
  • Slow reflexes
  • Stomach pains and vomiting
  • Face redness

Satori Waters alcohol addiction treatment program offers a perfect opportunity to face the problem and overcome it. Our high-qualified team offers the necessary care and medical help. Clients can choose suitable counseling and therapies.

With Satori Waters you can build a foundation for an addiction-free life. Sober lifestyle and its benefits are reflected in every individualized program.

Satori Waters' staff is your best ally in the war against addiction. Very few realize that the line between alcohol consumption and alcohol addiction is very thin.

Consumption of alcohol can have lethal consequences when intoxication reaches exceptionally high levels. Alcohol poisoning happens due to the negative influences on the respiratory system, until it is depressed and the breathing of the individual stops.

When the person has little control over how much and how often alcohol is consumed,  development of alcoholism symptoms are inevitable. Needless to say,  the main focus of the person who has alcohol addiction is drinking. Meanwhile, relationships, work and social activities lose their significance.

The telltale signs characterizing alcohol abuse are:

  • Not keeping track on the quantities of consumed alcohol
  • Ignored job duties and family obligations
  • Negative changes in behavior
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Poor anger management

To prevent alcohol abuse turning into alcohol addiction the person dealing with this problem needs to be treated. Alcoholism can be characterized by:

  • Increase of alcohol consumption along with growing tolerance
  • More time needed to get over the consequences of alcohol use
  • Little interest in family relationships and responsibilities at work
  • Obvious withdrawal symptoms occurring after some period when the person does not use alcohol

Unfortunately, medications against alcohol abuse do not exist, but that does not mean that recovery is impossible. Satori Waters empowers our patients to become the winners of the war against alcohol.