Are holistic drug rehab centers really better at curing addiction problems?

Are holistic drug rehab centers really better at curing addiction problems?

Most people have an idea of how drugs rehabs work. There are numerous methods and programs they use and many centers working on curing addition problems have helped their patients in overcoming dependency on addictive substances. However, holistic drug rehab centers are relatively new and in order to get efficient and suitable services and make the right choice, people need to be aware of the peculiarities of their treatment.

More than detox

Drug rehabs with a strong holistic focus have more to offer than just detoxification. The owners of holistic drug rehab centers are sure that psychotherapy in conventional centers is offered on a short-term basis which is not enough taking into consideration that addiction has not only physical nature but is also a disease destroying relationships with other people, harming mental help and emotional condition. Group and one-to-one sessions offered in most centers fighting addiction cannot be compared to a diverse range of therapeutic options found in holistic drugs rehabs. Both types of rehabs offer individualized treatment programs, however, in the latter the focus remains on holistic treatment and providing well-rounded balanced rehabilitation.

 Activities in Holistic Treatment

There are countless activities at drugs rehabs which vary from center to center. However, the mains ones are included in the program of most holistic centers. Curing from addiction is achieved by such types of therapies as breath therapy, craniosacral therapy, art therapy, animal-assisted therapy, sport and adventure therapy, auricular therapy, hydrotherapy, bio-nutritional therapy, relaxation and music therapy. Besides, such drugs rehabs offer fitness, massages, oxygen sauna, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, job skills training, nature walks, shiatsu, chiropractic and many others.

Personal Problem Solving

In most cases addiction does not appear all of a sudden without any reasons for that. It is the process developing for some time and it is triggered by the painful issues the patients have to deal with. Effective solving these problems and taking a step to a healthier life will eliminate the reasons for taking drugs. There are some problems which may jeopardize life without addictive substances if they are not solved. Anxiety, mental disorders, depression, trauma, low self-esteem can provoke addiction. That is why it is so crucial not only to treat body but also cure the soul.

Value of holistic drug rehabs lies in their innovative approach combining the benefits of modern medical care and opening new perspectives. Their aim of holistic drugs rehabs is to build the new worldview and develop some healthy habits which will be useful in new life where there will be no place for relapse. The  staff at such centers help their patients to learn more about themselves and get rid of some personal problems which build the concrete walls between the addict and the happiness he or she deserves. Holistic treatment is also a successful way to addiction recovery. So it is up to you to choose what kind of approach to treating dependency on addictive substances suits you best.