The Hidden Traps: Not-So-Well-Known Effects of Hallucinogens

The Hidden Traps: Not-So-Well-Known Effects of Hallucinogens

Which drugs have the most irresistible power of changing an individual’s perception of reality? What addictive substances are capable of distorting the thought process of the person taking them? Such effects are typical of hallucinogens which easily gain control over the behavioral, perceptual, and regulatory systems of the body.

When most people think about this class of drugs, they believe that it only leads to experiencing hallucinations.

However, there are many more effects the hallucinogens can cause. Here is a variety of not so well-known consequences of the abuse of the most common types of hallucinogens.


Though most drug abusers decide to take some addictive substance in order to get a pleasurable feeling and wind up, LSD does not guarantee achieving this purpose. Using this type of drug is often referred to as “taking a trip” and you can never be sure whether you will experience positive emotions and have a “good trip” or suffer from paranoia and anxiety while taking a “bad trip”. There is also a possibility to have the flashbacks from the latter even after years of using LSD. Click here to learn more about other mental effects of the drug.


The effects of the Peyote are also unpredictable and may vary from deep meditation to anxiety. As this drug does not normally cause addiction, some people are convinced that it does not pose a danger. However, Peyote can interfere with daily routine of an individual and harm his or her health as long as it is used for a long period of time. Besides, the abuser can behave in a number of ways which will threaten his life and the lives of people surrounding him. Read the whole article to be fully aware of the dangers of Peyote.

Psilocybin mushrooms

These psychoactive substances have a number of effects on people. They can cause nausea, intense fear, attention disruption, and headaches. The consequences will be even worse for people with low blood pressure. However, psilocybin can assist the doctors in treating depression and some psychological problems. Moreover, magic mushrooms are considered to provide the flow of creativity. If you are eager to learn more about positive and negative effects of these psychoactive substances, click here.


The use of PCP usually results in such symptoms as poor coordination, red eyes, and indistinct speech which resemble the condition of an individual after drinking. Large doses may cause extreme violence, nausea, lower blood pressure, and dizziness. There have even been the cases with lethal outcome. Besides, the users can experience paranoia and delusions. There are many side-effects of mixing PCP with other drugs. This increases the risks from using this sedative narcotic. This is an addictive substance so the users can never be sure how fast they will develop a high degree of tolerance for the effects of the drug. Read more