Prescription Drugs Overdose: Deadly Equations That Caused Deaths of Celebrities

Prescription Drugs Overdose: Deadly Equations That Caused Deaths of Celebrities

These people had everything the rest of the world could dream of – money, fame, recognition, and favorite job, but the lives of these rich and famous people were cut short by the problems that had to do with prescription drugs (overdose, mixing drugs or even suicide).

They achieved the peak of their success, left their mark on the world through music, movies or sport and sent a powerful message for the next generations – a warning about addiction, abuse and prescription drugs which are more dangerous than one may think. Here are 5 deadly equations which played a cruel joke on the celebrities.

Oxycodone + Hydrocodone + Alprazolam + Diazepam + Temazepam + Doxylamine = Accidental Overdose


In 2008 Heath Ledger was found dead. The large doses of the mentioned drugs had neared the end of life of the Australian actor. Read the whole article.

Barbiturate Overdose + Alcohol = Respiratory arrest + Asphyxia + Vomit inhalation


Jimi Hendrix who died when he was at the age of 27 had had a great deal of experience in abusing recreational drugs which caused his death eventually. Mixing barbiturates with red wine was more than the accomplished talented musician could handle. Click here to learn about other versions of his death.

Multiple Prescriptions x (Methaqualone + Codeine + Barbiturates + Cocaine) = Heart arrhythmia


Heart arrhythmia of Elvis Presley was aggravated by the use of numerous prescribed drugs. In his system 14 drugs were found. How did American cultural icon get an access to such a variety of drugs? He coped with his health problems under guidance of his personal physician Dr. Nichopoulos who was later charged with overprescription. Read more about the death of Elvis Presley.

Heroin + Valium = Suicide


Kurt Cobain shot himself under the influence of heroin and Valium. He had had drug problems and suffered from depression for a long time, so at the age of 27 he ended his life with the help of six pound .20 gauge Remington shotgun under the influence of the mentioned drugs. Click here to learn more about the reasons of his suicide.

Cocaine + Diazepam + Cannabis + Alcohol = Accidental Overdose


The deadly combination of alcohol, illicit drugs and Diazepam turned out to be lethal for the former skating champion Christopher Bowman. Read the whole article.