Cocaine and Marijuana: Contributions to Medical Science

Cocaine and Marijuana: Contributions to Medical Science

The comparison of different types of drugs has always drawn a lot of attention. Of course, as long as drug addiction is concerned no choice between two evils should be made as it will inevitably jeopardize the life and health of an individual abusing any addictive substance.

However, it would be useful for everyone to get an insight into the positive health impacts of the drugs as it would mean using them for the prosperity of humankind instead of its self-destruction.

In this fascinating video which is incredibly easy to understand a terpsichorean neuroscientist and educational trainer, Crystal Dilworth, intelligibly explains the differences between marijuana and cocaine.

So the conclusion of the specialist is hardly ambiguous. Having provided a brief analysis of two kinds of drugs and their medical properties Crystal Dilworth assures the viewers that marijuana does have much more health benefits in comparison with cocaine.

Of course, her warning about the dangers of the mentioned addictive substance should not fall on deaf ears as positive results can be achieved only if the use of marijuana it is regulated by the professionals. Care should be taken to provide the necessary environment that would encourage the health benefits of cannabis. An inspiring piece of news about marijuana is its property to inhibit the growth of aggressive breast cancer cells. Besides, it can assist the patients going through chemotherapy.

[av_notification title=’FACT:’ color=’green’ border=” custom_bg=’#444444′ custom_font=’#ffffff’ size=’large’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue83f’ font=’entypo-fontello’] As for the use of cocaine in medical context, it will take many thorough researches to find the foolproof way which will effectively provide the health benefits to the patients eliminating the risks of side-effects. The use of cocaine as an anesthetic is still open to question.

No matter how successful the usage of these substances in medicine can be, it does not justify the careless attempts to active the brain’s pleasure center with the help of drugs. The world has much more to offer than harmful habits.