The Five-Step Guide to Overcome Praise Addiction

The Five-Step Guide to Overcome Praise Addiction

Can praise be harmful? It’s difficult to believe that praise has some negative effects. We feel so nice when someone showers compliments on us. Smart praise is a very effective motivational and inspirational tool. It can inspire us to work harder, stop complaining and be more positive. However, praise can play a cruel trick on us.

People, who seek praise constantly, may turn into another version of themselves. They won’t be someone they’ve always wanted to become. They will turn into someone else’s ideal. If people understand that their praise can control you, they will probably use it for their own profits. Do you want other people to manipulate you easily? If not, here is the 5-step guide to overcome praise addiction.

  1. Create a plan

How do you imagine yourself in 5 years? Does this picture depend on other people? If you want to get rid of negative influence of praise, focus on setting your own goals. Be your own critic. Create a plan for the next year, a fortnight or just an evening. Write everything you can imagine. Don’t allow yourself to think that something is impossible. You should understand that the bigger goals you set, the better results you’ll achieve. In the end, praise or criticism won’t matter. You’ll just have the results you can be proud of.

  1. Communicate with the right people

You should strike a happy medium. Communicate with those who will tell you the truth. Try to be honest with everyone. If your friends do something wrong, tell them. If your colleagues have done something successfully, praise them. It’s important to praise people for real things. Saying “very good” won’t have any use. It’s better to praise people for certain actions. You can say, “You’ve written a very interesting article.” or “The cake you’ve baked is delicious.”

  1. Ask the right questions

Instead of asking direct questions that entail praise, ask about your possible development. “How can I improve my work?” will be more beneficial than “Was my work ok?” If you focus on the process, the results will be better. Stop thinking about the end product. Your conversation will be more effective, if you ask questions about the process of your work.

  1. Be open to feedbacks

You shouldn’t be afraid of negative feedbacks. There are so many people around. If you listen to everyone, you’ll never work efficiently. Be ready to hear different feedbacks. Someone can offend you, someone will make you proud of yourself. The best decision is to stop thinking that someone else’s point of view is very important. Be open and positive.

  1. Be the one who praises you

Look at your plan again. What are the results? Are you closer to the moment of reaching your goals? There is no doubt that you experience some positive events every day. Every moment helps you to overcome difficulties. Put down all your achievements and don’t forget to reread them often. Praise yourself because you deserve it!

Create a plan and follow it. If you communicate with the right people, you won’t be tired of negativity. Asking the right questions will help you to experience positive changes in every aspect of your life. Don’t forget to be honest and open to new experiences. In such case you won’t even notice when you stop being a praise addict.