Saved by a Miracle

Saved by a Miracle

Saved by a Miracle

Addiction is the problem that can destroy the life of literally anyone. Still in some cases the genuine desire to overcome it can be enough. It is impressive how many totally different people have suffered from addictive substances and defeated it themselves. For example, Fr. Donald Calloway of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception who used to take hallucinogenic drugs, alcohol, opium, marijuana, cocaine and heroine is now a Catholic priest. Doesn’t it come as surprise?

When he was eighteen, he was a real party animal consuming all forms of drugs and enjoying heavy-metal music. He was a fan of the rock band the Grateful Dead. He still has a big tattoo with the name of the band, but he does not remember how he got it, so it is a safe assumption to say that Calloway must have been high. Now that tattoo reminds him of his past filled with addiction and law problems.

As step father of the young man was an officer, the family lived on a Japanese military base. Spending most of his time in the wrong company, Calloway stole money in merchandise and was put in prison. The boy was the embodiment of rebel. His doting family tried their hardest to help him and was always looking for the best rehabilitations centers. Despite this, the boy did not feel anything but hatred to them. Only his younger brother was close with him. Calloway sincerely wanted to stay at home and be a real role-model to him. Nevertheless, his brother ended up alone, because Calloway was somewhere else spending time with women and drug addicts.

After some time that rebellious young man checked into a Pennsylvanian rehabilitation clinic. He was still unaware of how rapidly his addiction was getting stronger. Still terrified from what his life used to be like he recollects one awful story. Once he was on the floor of the crack house where he was desperately looking for cocaine. It was so dirty there that there were repulsing cockroaches running around and maggots trying to hide in the sink full of unwashed dishes. In a different room there was a baby crying loudly. However, Calloway and the mother of the baby were still on the floor searching in panic at least something that would remind them of cocaine. Anything white found would be smoked without any effort to check if that was really what they were looking for.

So what happened that changed his life so drastically? Steps in the opposite way from addiction began in 1992. Calloway ignored a party invitation and preferred staying at home. It was a lonely sad March evening. Then he realized that his life got too messy. Calloway was depressed so he started looking for a book. All of a sudden his attention got the book with an intriguing title “The Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje”.

That book motivated him to change his life and make a clean break. Donald understood that he wanted to believe in God. There were no signs of anxiety or restlessness. Reconciliation with God happened due to his prayers and fasting. He felt exceptionally peaceful and serene.

No matter how unbelievable it may sound, but the book turned out to be really life-changing for the guy. He recollects that “The Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje” managed to melt his heart although desperation took control over his soul. While reading Donald felt like the life was being transmitted straight to him. That amazing book carried conviction. Eventually he found the strength for belief and inspiration to control his life himself. He no long needed pipes, drugs and porno magazines so he just threw them away.

After doing that he wanted to pray. During the first prayer in his life because of overwhelming guilt and regret he burst out crying. Then something extraordinary occurred. Calloway left his body after feeling extremely peaceful. To be more exact his spirit left while his physical form was still on the sofa. Then he heard the feminine voice which seemed the most beautiful to him saying that she was happy. Calloway is convinced that it was the Blessed Virgin Mary talking to him. He was peaceful like a baby snuggled to the mother’s breast. He fell asleep full of joy and love.

Interior locution, a phenomenon that was experienced by Donald, lies in hearing a spiritual presence. It inspired him to become a priest. Graduating with an advanced degree was one of the basic steps to changing his life. Darkness and despair remained in the past. Now Calloway lives in peace with his graceful soul. It is a wonderful example of strength everyone who needs to be cured from addiction should follow.