Stop Blaming Drug Addicts

Stop Blaming Drug Addicts

“We are your children, your spouses, your friends, the people who serve you dinner at your favorite restaurant, your doctor, your neighbor, the actors in your favorite films, the musicians who perform your favorite songs, and so on. Some of us are quite obvious, and others are well-hidden, suffering the ugly effects of this disease alone on their bathroom floor, shaking violently, soaked in tears, and overflowing with shame.” This quote is truthful for thousands of people trying to overcome substance addiction. But how does the society view addiction? There are some people who used to be drug addicts. There are those who have never had such experience. Not everyone can understand what life a drug addict has.

When children dream about what they want to become, they never think that life may turn them into alcoholics or drug addicts. Taking the first sip of beer, teenagers don’t think that it may be the beginning of a terrifying experience. No one thinks how desperate and hopeless he or she may become. If people could see themselves suffering from addiction few years later, they wouldn’t even try using drugs. Of course, there are people who choose this way because of problems, constant depression and feeling of isolation.

No one is born as a criminal or an addict. Those who steal money in order to buy drugs, used to have a normal life. Understanding how problems many problems they have, addicts feel anger and pain. But it is the disease that makes people do everything. They don’t think about the results. People who suffer from addiction can only think about how to survive this night. Thus, if you love these people, try to help them. Be compassionate and understanding.


Drug addicts can change. There are many rehab drug centers that provide different types of services. But in order to change people should admit that they have a problem. Besides, they should really want to change the way of living. Can we help them? Substance addicts may be manipulative, mean and angry. Their problems can’t be hidden. Being selfish, addicts destroy their lives and ruin relationships with other people. All we need is to remember that our addict friends can change. Our compassion and support will be really helpful for them.

Shannon Palmer, a successful artist and columnist, used to suffer from alcohol addiction. Reading news about the heroin-related death of Philip Seymour Hoffman and the subsequent social media comments, Shannon was frightened by how hateful some people may be. Those who post things like “a junkie doesn’t deserve to live” must be full of anger and hate. Shannon says, “I strive to be compassionate, helpful, a good mom, a good friend. I’m not a degenerate. I’m not a horrible, selfish loser who wants nothing more than to get trashed with no regard to who I might hurt, and even in the height of my using, I wasn’t that. I wasn’t engaging in these things for fun.” She explains that everyone can change. We shouldn’t criticize or blame people who suffer from addictions. We should try to imagine how much pain substance addicts feel.

People who become addicts don’t choose despair. They don’t want to suffer and complicate the lives of their relatives. Drug addicts understand that their actions can ruin the whole life. But the disease makes them feel as if there is no alternative. So try to be patient, loving and compassionate. Don’t accept addict’s destructive behavior. Try to show your addict friends how to solve their problems. Let their lives be full of happiness.