4 Most Important Things About Live in Rehabilitation

4 Most Important Things About Live in Rehabilitation

Will residential drug rehabilitation be helpful for you? Is it the best type of treatment? We’ll try to answer the most common questions. Feel free to ask!

Does addiction affects me? If yes, how?

Of course, yes. Addiction has a negative effect on person’s mental and physical health. You won’t be surprised to know that drug addicts feel the symptoms of drug addictions. For another thing, addiction ruins your life in general by wasting all the money, poisoning life of your relatives and spoiling every sphere it touches. It’s almost impossible for a drug addict to have normal relationships with people they love. Drug abuse effects will make people lose respect for the addict. Thus, drug addiction is one of the most common problems that break up families.

Do I need live-in rehabilitation?

Live-in rehabilitation can be beneficial for everyone who suffers from drug addiction. Nevertheless, this type of treatment will suit those people who need to spend some time out of their constant place of living. If you need a fresh start, choose live-in rehabilitation. This treatment will help you to stay away from conditions, people and situations that work as relapse triggers.

People with severe drug addictions will find residential rehabilitation treatment to be the most effective. Such type of treatment is the best for those who struggle with cross addiction, serious substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders. Live-in rehabilitation is the most appropriate for the patients that need fulltime medical monitoring and detoxification. Thus, residential rehab treatment is the best if you:

  • need detoxification;
  • suffer from mood swings and depression;
  • need fulltime medical monitoring;
  • have physical and mental heath problems;
  • need to spend some time away from home environment;
  • struggle with co-occurring disorder, severe substance use disorder or cross addiction.

What are the results of residential drug rehabilitation?

What are the main benefits of residential drug rehabilitation? Inpatient drug treatment is more intensive than the outpatient treatment. Drug rehab centers help people to overcome drug addiction and find out the cause of person’s dependence on drugs. Understanding the main reasons of the problem, people will know how to avoid relapse triggers. Drug-free life will lead to better relationships with relatives and other people. The healthier lifestyle is another positive result of drug rehab treatment.


What are the main stages of residential drug rehab treatment?

How can people prepare themselves for residential drug rehabilitation treatment if they don’t know what to expect? Here are the main points of every drug rehab treatment:

  • make a plan

Think about everything you’ll use during various stages of recovery. During your stay in the rehab facility you’ll need different things. Take comfortable clothes and personal care products. You can also take a photo of your relatives and a pillow. However, don’t bring too much stuff. Some of the things may have a negative influence on your recovery.

  • undergo an assessment

In order to define the most effective treatment modalities, medical workers will assess your condition. The assessment can consist of an interview and drug testing. Knowing the severity of your addiction, workers will formulate a personalized addiction treatment plan.

  • take part in daily activities

During your stay in residential drug rehab you’ll be able to participate in different daily activities, including therapies, counseling and educational sessions, exercises, meditations, meal preparation and others. Learning how to live according to a healthy pattern, you’ll successfully use it after leaving your rehab center.

  • continue your drug-free life with an outpatient rehab program

After completing the residential program, you can be referred to an outpatient rehabilitation program. Usually it lasts from several weeks to a few months. This program includes group therapies and counseling. Besides, an outpatient rehabilitation program may also include case management and recovery in halfway houses.

The main reason for going to residential drug rehabilitation is the possibility to overcome addiction. Drug-free life will allow you to be healthy mentally and physically. After rehab treatment you’ll improve your relationships with the loved ones. Besides, when you stop taking drugs, you save a lot of money. Start positive changes right now!

If you have any questions concerning drug rehabilitation, please feel free to ask.