Truth About Chattanooga Shootings

Truth About Chattanooga Shootings


Family spokesman stated, a man from Kuwait who killed five service members in Chattanooga had suffered from depression at the age of 13. At that time Muhammad consulted a child psychiatrist about his mental state.

In order to avoid unwanted publicity Muhammad’s family chose to answer all the questions with a help of a spokesman. As the spokesman said, Abdulazeez used to suffer from alcohol and drug abuse. Trying to get over the addiction, he was under medical treatment in Jordan. Muhammad’s relatives believe that struggles with abuse are the basis for Chattanooga shootings.

As the representative stated, Abdulazeez’s family can’t find another explanation of Muhammad’s behavior. They said that last year he had many problems. First of all, Muhammad got arrested because of being charged with drunken driving. Then after failing a drug test, he was fired.

Abdulazeez died in a shootout with law enforcement. The investigators of counterterrorism division of FBI are examining the case. They check the information about Muhammad’s international travels and his connections with terrorist organizations. The investigators haven’t found a motive for the shootings so far.

The shootings happened on Thursday. During the whole week service members were supervising the scene of an accident. The access to the Marine-Navy facility was blocked.


Photo Credit – Mark Zaleski, AP Daly Simmons, 26, sits as she prays in front of a makeshift memorial outside the Armed Forces Career Center on July 18, 2015, in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Hundreds of people carrying American flags gathered at the place where the shootings began – a military recruiting center at a strip mall. They paid their respects to the victims of these shootings. The bullet holes in the windows reminded everyone about the cruel event.

As the spokesman said, Muhammad’s family tried to convince him to take part in an in-patient treatment for substance abuse. But there were some problems with his assurance. When being a child, Muhammad took medication. Then the situation improved – college and high school years were easier for him.

Last year Muhammad agreed to spend a few months in Jordan in order to get over drug and alcohol addiction. His relatives thought that during that time he could get away from a bunch of friends who had a bad influence on Muhammad.

The spokesman of FBI didn’t comment on the pursue of mental health records. Nevertheless, the agent of FBI, Ed Reinhold stated that investigators would inquire about all spheres of Muhammad’s life.

As the representative said, Muhammad was never involved in any extremist groups. He graduated from college with degree in engineering. Then after failing a drug test Muhammad was fired from a nuclear power plant in Ohio. At nights he started working at a manufacturing plant. Having sleep problems, he was taking medication. Besides, Abdulazeez had some problems with back and got prescriptions for muscle relaxants. So far there is no information concerning any substances in his blood at the time of the shootings.

According to Bassam Issa, the president of the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga, the Islamic faith strictly forbids such actions as using drugs or drinking alcohol. Of course, all parents want to be proud of their children. It’s difficult for them to tell that their children have problems with drugs or alcohol. Issa stated that he hadn’t known anything about Muhammad’s struggles.

Abdul Ofoli, Muhammad’s former college professor, had seen him at the mosque almost a week before the shootings. Ofoli stated that Muhammad didn’t change after returning from Jordan. He seemed to be the same friendly guy the teacher used to know.


Photo credit: Associated Press