Can Social Networks Cause Addiction?

Can Social Networks Cause Addiction?

Communication has changed drastically. Social networking sites influence all spheres of our life. Due to the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other networks people change the way of perceiving the world and describing it. Things that used to be private are now open to the public.

Some people suggest that social networks have negative effect on our mental health. Desire to share all life events turns into a constant page refresh and waiting for likes. Comparing themselves with other people, users feel humiliated and disappointed. Social networks make people underestimate themselves. Experts state that spending too much time on Facebook leads to depression. Together with problems at work or in personal life social networks can cause mental disorders.

Popularity has its pros and cons. Having a lot of attention and praise, popular people feel joy and happiness. At the same time their life is full of tension and social pressure. If people are emotionally or psychologically vulnerable, they can easily become open to bad experiences. As many experts say, teenage rebellion is a normal part of growing up. Trying to break the rules, they don’t think about the future and become victims of substance abuse.

Social networks are the platforms for free discussion of every topic. Appearance, behavior, style, opinions and sexual orientation of people are the aspects that are widely and critically discussed. The online community can be very cruel. Mean comments written by unknown users are among the causes that push teenagers to substance addiction.

Jeffrey Borenstein, the medical director of the Hollywood Hospital in NY suggests that social medias can be harmful and beneficial at the same time. He states, “We want to make use of social media in positive ways, such as peer support, education, and reaching out to young people at risk for chemical dependency with the technology they are already accustomed to using.”

According to Borenstein, health care centers can use social networks in different positive ways. As a source of immediate spread of news, social networks can raise awareness of drug and alcohol addiction across the world. Treatment centers and rehabilitation facilities should use the power of social media to distribute the information about negative effects of substance abuse.