Clinton Aims To Combat Drug Addiction

Clinton Aims To Combat Drug Addiction

As Hillary Clinton makes her campaign trail through Iowa and New Hampshire she says she’s come across a large amount of drug addiction.

Clinton pointed out that there were more deaths due to overdosing than deaths related to car accidents, and she aims to advance the lives of those who are living with addiction.

For starters she wants to provide more educational services, to better inform people about drug addiction, and the programs that can help them. She also aims to have more tracking on pills though it’s unclear what that means. She wants to ensure that those who feel the most pressure including the young, and veterans are aware of the treatment that they can get, and aren’t ashamed to seek it.

Clinton considered the problems of drug abuse and mental health connected, an issue that she is pushing as she makes her run for presidency. Clinton also defended Obamacare.

Clinton asked when we are going to start treating mental health problems like any other kind of health problem, advocating for the treatment of mental health.

During the event she said “Our country deserves to be moving forward, not taking a big U-turn going back to where we came from.”

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