Dr. Drew Did Drugs

Dr. Drew Did Drugs

Every season the girls from MTV’s Teen Mom shows sit down with Dr. Drew Pinsky for their reunion special. Pinksy works with them on a wide range of issues including what he’s perhaps most famous for working with drug use and addiction problems.

Dr. Drew is however, more qualified than we may have previously thought, as he has admitted to using drugs and drinking in his past.

“I did drugs and alcohol when I was 22, 23 years old,” Dr. Drew admitted during an episode of his HLN show.

He points out that he didn’t want to admit it while his children were younger, stating that “…There’s a very strict parenting rule I have which is, you do not tell anybody what you did during your adolescence/young adulthood unless you want your kids to do the same.”

Dr. Drew admitted to using cocaine, alcohol, as well as pot, however quitting when he realized the cost of addiction.

“When I saw people unable to stop…’Oh my god, this is something very different than what I experienced,” Dr. Drew said.

“I am not a perfect person, especially when I was younger. I was a screwball like everyone else,” he said. He reassured his fans that he has changed greatly since he was young, and a student.

His ability to relate may just be what makes him so good at his job. It certainly makes his fans like him more.

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