Amanda Peterson Found Dead In Home, Mother Points Out The Actresses Struggle Addiction

Amanda Peterson Found Dead In Home, Mother Points Out The Actresses Struggle Addiction

Photo credit: Touchstone Pictures

Amanda Peterson an actress famous for her films in the 80s including the classic Can’t Buy Me Love passed away in her home on Sunday, July 5 possibly from sleep apnea. Her mother however is coming forward to expose her daughters history of drug addiction.

Peterson’s mother made a short statement to Us Weekly regarding her daughter’s loss. “I just think she was a precious person and it’s a big loss. That’s all I can say.”

Peterson’s death was not drug related though her mother did confirm that he daughter had previously struggled with both depression and drugs at a younger age, but that she had been clean for years.

Peterson’s mother said that her daughter seemed to be in good spirits before her death and did not appear to be ill.

Peterson’s father also spoke out about his daughter. Talking to TMZ about the health issues his daughter had fought including issues over last two years. Including things like sinusitis, sleep apnea and pneumonia.

“She had some illness and a sleep apnea problem that may have contributed,” Peterson said.

The police stated that they do not think there was foul play regarding Peterson’s death. The report also showed that she was dead for two or three days before her body was found. The police found the body after a phone call was made. A toxicology and autopsy were performed Monday.

Amanda Peterson starred in the 1987 hit film Can’t Buy Me Love Along with Patrick Dempsy, though she left the film and Hollywood life in the 90s. In an interview from 1988 with ET, she explained her dislike for Hollywood’s treatment of teenagers.

“Hollywood especially tries–well, I don’t know if it tries or not–but it clichés these teenagers and it’s really bothersome. After a while every guy is trying to lose his virginity and every girl is whatever, and you know they’re like party animals.”

Peterson’s death is a tragic loss.