Combatting Alcoholism in Fort Lauderdale

Combatting Alcoholism in Fort Lauderdale

6662578_s (1)What are the dangers of alcoholism? They are many.

To begin with, alcoholism can be fatal. Yes, it can literally kill you. There are various ways it does this, from leaving your liver unable to function to robbing your body of much-needed salt — which, even though that may not sound severe or drastic, can be life-ending, indeed.

You can also kill yourself while driving “under the influence”. Your reflexes are slowed. Your judgment is impaired. Perhaps you are a bit sleepy from the alcohol. Perhaps you are distracted, thinking about getting back home so you can have another drink.

Or if you don’t kill yourself, you may kill someone else. Another driver. A pedestrian. How will you feel, knowing you took another human’s life? How will you feel knowing it was your fault for driving drunk? (You’ll have plenty of time to think about it during all those years you’ll languish behind bars in prison.)

You may “only” ruin your marriage. Do you want your spouse (or Significant Other) to leave you because of your drinking? How long do you expect her or him to put up with your drinking and all it entails?

Is the drunken you the you you want your kids to remember — growing up in a household where Dad or Mom was perpetually drunk and out of control?

Perhaps it’s your job that will be the casualty of your drinking. If you drink at work — or even if you don’t, but you are forever coming to work hung over, or calling in sick because you feel too rotten to go in — you may be fired.

Do you think, “Ha ha! That can’t happen to me! I’m my own boss!”? Think again. Maybe you can’t be fired, but you can certainly run your business into the ground.

What about your friends — not your drinking buddies but your other friends? Do they find your antics tiresome, your sloppiness irritating, your overall drunken demeanor obnoxious?

How’s your checkbook balance? Did you spend this month’s mortgage payment on vodka? Did too much of this week’s grocery budget go for beer and not enough for food? Did you come up short of money for repairs when your car broke down because all your extra money went to cover the liquor bills?

There are many ways you can ruin your life through drinking, from risking your marriage or employment through literally ending your life.

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