Did you know Stevie Nicks was abusing drugs?

How many teenagers and young adults dream of a life on stage, playing instruments and/or singing and being up in front of adoring crowds while they do something they truly love? Does it sound like a wonderful life?

It can be—but there is often a sad and sordid side to the story that a rock band’s adoring fans never get to see. Just ask Stevie Nicks.

If you were around in the seventies and eighties—and even if you weren’t—you may recognize Stevie Nicks’s name from the band Fleetwood Mac. She had a wonderful voice and a wonderful life, and for part of that time she also had a boyfriend who was a fellow band member and sang on stage with her. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks broke up their romantic relationship but remained with the band, which led to some rocky, uncomfortable times. But it was even before that that Nicks fell into heavy cocaine use.

It wasn’t just Nicks who was abusing drugs. The whole band was into cocaine, but Nicks, by her own admission, was the worst of them all. This concerned bandmate Tom Petty, who was close friends with Nick and worried about her greatly. In an article in the magazine Rolling Stone, Petty is quoted as saying, “I did all I could to talk her into getting some help and getting right. I was very worried about her. To the point that if the phone did ring and they said, ‘Stevie died,’ I wouldn’t have been surprised.”

She didn’t die, however, and she finally did get help, although that didn’t come about till 1986, when her Rock a Little tour had ended. Although she broke free of her addiction to cocaine, a doctor at the rehab prescribed Klonopin for her, and she soon found herself hooked on that. So 1993 saw her entering rehab once more, this time to shed her addiction to Klonopin. She has thankfully remained free of hard drugs ever since.

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