AA Meeting in Boca Raton

What Is An AA Meeting?

Won’t it feel good when you’re in charge of your own life again? For as long as you continue to drink, alcohol will continue to hold you in its power. You are not the ruler of your own life. Alcohol is. At Alcoholics Anonymous, we teach you to take back control of your life. We teach you how to be in charge of yourself again. With meetings regularly scheduled in Boca Raton, there’s no reason for you not to get the help you really need. Reluctant to give up alcohol for good? Afraid to walk the tightrope (of life’s issues) without the net (of drinking)? Don’t think you can handle it? You CAN—and at meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous here in Boca Raton, you’ll learn how. Coping mechanisms for a life of sobriety without using alcohol as a crutch are just one of the things you’ll learn when you attend AA meetings here in Boca Raton. You have nothing to lose but your biggest problem—your addiction to alcohol. Join us.

Do AA Meetings Really Help?

Come to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous here in Boca Raton and see how this much-respected organization can help YOU. Alcoholics Anonymous has a long history of helping men and women of all backgrounds and all walks of life in their fight to overcome alcoholism. AA can help YOU, as well. Give it a chance. Give it a shot. Give YOURSELF the opportunity to beat the alcohol issues that plague you. Just as they say that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” what happens at an aa meeting stays at the aa meeting. If you talk about your alcohol issues or about anything personal—anything at all—nobody is going to carry it back to the community at large. Whether it’s an embarrassing incident that took place when you were drinking, or something from your past that happened to you and upset you greatly, or ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL, if you choose to talk about it in a meeting, you can rest assured it will not be repeated outside the meeting. Come to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting here in Boca Raton and see for yourself the comfortable atmosphere of privacy and respect, and the aura of frankness that pervades our meetings.

What Is Alcoholics Anonymous Philosophy?

Are you worried about attending an aa meeting because someone—your boss, your employees, your gossipy neighbor, your minister, your mother-in-law—might find out? Alcoholics Anonymous takes the “anonymous” part very seriously. Come to one of the regularly scheduled AA meetings here in Boca Raton and find out what Alcoholics Anonymous is all about and what it can do for you. You won’t be “outed” as a member or attendee or as an alcoholic.

How Often Are Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings?

“I am an alcoholic.” Have you come to the point yet where you can say those words—if only to yourself—and accept them? Now come to a meeting where EVERYONE has said those words because they all have the same problem you do. But they’re living in recovery now, and soon you will be, too. Meetings of AA in Boca Raton are regularly scheduled. Come to one and see the help that’s available to you. When you join Alcoholics Anonymous and choose someone to be your sponsor, you can call that person any time, at any hour, if you feel the craving for a drink or have some other related issue. Come to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting here in Boca Raton and see for yourself some of the people who have been helped by this wonderful organization.

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