Pompano Beach Alcoholics Anonymous

What Are AA Speaker Meetings?

Why try to bear the burden on your own? Get friendly, caring, emotional and practical support! If your issue is alcohol, help is at hand at the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly scheduled right here in Pompano Beach. Come and find out what this well-respected organization and its many caring members can do for YOU.

Who Is Alcoholics Anonymous in Pompano Beach?

If you live in or near Pompano Beach and are struggling to overcome problems with your drinking, don’t hesitate to attend one of the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings available in Pompano Beach. These meetings are totally FREE and open to EVERYONE who is fighting to become sober and stay sober. The only requirement for membership is a sincere desire to become and remain sober.

Where Does Alcoholics Anonymous Get Its Funding?

Whatever the problems are you’re facing, alcohol is NOT the answer. “Drowning your sorrows” never really works. The next day the problem is still there, and now it will have been compounded as you deal with the aftermath of your drinking. If you have a pattern of drinking to excess to mask your problems, come to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting here in Pompano Beach and learn the joys of living in recovery, alcohol-free and coping with your problems in a much better, healthier way. If you are serious about quitting drinking and want a powerful ally in your struggle to break free of the chains of alcohol, Alcoholics Anonymous can be your best helper. With meetings right here in Pompano Beach, AA is ready to help YOU in your quest to get clear of your alcohol addiction. Why wait? The help you want and need is at hand.

What Does AA Meeting Stand For?

Do you think admitting you have a problem is showing weakness? NO! It is a display of STRENGTH to admit you have a problem and to have the courage to face it head-on. At Alcoholics Anonymous meetings—and Pompano Beach has regularly scheduled meetings of AA—members do battle with their addiction to alcohol and help other members who also have that problem. Come and show your strength to enter that battle and get the help you need.

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