AA Meeting in Pompano Beach

How Did Alcoholics Anonymous Get Its Name?

Alcoholics Anonymous members follow the famous “12-Step Program” in their journey to recovery. Other programs have adapted the 12-Step Program to their own purposes, but AA pioneered it. The 12-Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous can help YOU. Come and find out how. There are regularly scheduled AA meetings in Pompano Beach. Come to the next one and find out how our 12-Step Program can help YOU in your struggle to live free of alcohol’s clutches.

How Is A AA Meeting Conducted?

Even if you’re not sure you have issues with alcohol…even if you only think you MIGHT have a problem…come to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous here in Pompano Beach and learn more about alcohol addiction, recovery, and the joys of a sober life. There are meetings scheduled regularly, and you are most welcome to attend.

What Are AA Meeting Topics?

Do you think admitting you have a problem is showing weakness? NO! It is a display of STRENGTH to admit you have a problem and to have the courage to face it head-on. At Alcoholics Anonymous meetings—and Pompano Beach has regularly scheduled meetings of AA—members do battle with their addiction to alcohol and help other members who also have that problem. Come and show your strength to enter that battle and get the help you need. If the problem is alcohol, the answer is Alcoholics Anonymous, and there are meetings in Pompano Beach scheduled regularly. Come and be part of a community of people with a common problem and a common solution. Come and let others who have walked the same path and dealt with the same foe help you to overcome your issues with alcohol.

What Are AA Discussion Meetings?

Alcoholism is not a “weakness”; it is an illness. But it is an illness for which there is help. You can find that help at meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous right here in Pompano Beach. Let those who are fighting this illness successfully show you how you, too, can conquer it and come out a winner. Why try to bear the burden on your own? Get friendly, caring, emotional and practical support! If your issue is alcohol, help is at hand at the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly scheduled right here in Pompano Beach. Come and find out what this well-respected organization and its many caring members can do for YOU.

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