AA Meeting in Hollywood

Are AA Meetings Open?

If the problem is alcohol, the answer is Alcoholics Anonymous, and there are meetings in Hollywood scheduled regularly. Come and be part of a community of people with a common problem and a common solution. Come and let others who have walked the same path and dealt with the same foe help you to overcome your issues with alcohol. Regardless of what your religious beliefs are—if any—Alcoholics Anonymous can help you overcome your issues with alcohol. You need only believe in a higher power but do NOT have to call that higher power “God” or subscribe to any particular set of beliefs or belong to any particular religion or denomination. All are welcome…and all can be helped. There are regularly scheduled meetings in Hollywood. We hope to see YOU at the next meeting!

Are There AA Meetings On Holidays?

Need help with your issues with alcohol? You can get that help from a caring community of fellow strugglers who are succeeding, winning the battle, living in sobriety…and want to help you get to the point they’re at. Come to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous here in Hollywood and see for yourself what it’s all about. Alcoholics Anonymous espouses taking it “one day at a time.” We don’t ask you to stay alcohol-free for the rest of your life (even though we hope you will). We just ask you to stay alcohol-free today…and then, tomorrow, we hope you will commit to staying alcohol-free for another day. One day at a time. We have meetings right here in Hollywood and hope to see you at the next one.

What Does AA Closed Meeting Mean?

Even if you’re not sure you have issues with alcohol…even if you only think you MIGHT have a problem…come to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous here in Hollywood and learn more about alcohol addiction, recovery, and the joys of a sober life. There are meetings scheduled regularly, and you are most welcome to attend.

Are AA Meetings Effective?

Your privacy is our concern. If YOUR concern is that you don’t wish to divulge certain personal information, relax. Nobody at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting will ever ask you to share any information that you wish to keep to yourself. Share only what you want to. We totally respect your privacy! See for yourself. There are AA meetings in Hollywood, and if you feel you need help with alcohol issues, we hope we’ll see you there. Membership in Alcoholics Anonymous requires no background checks. In fact there are NO ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS. The only requirement is a sincere desire to stop drinking. If you’re ready to quit but recognize that’s it’s tough to go it alone, come to an aa meeting here in Hollywood. The welcome mat is out and the coffeepot is on. Come join us.

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