AA Meeting in West Palm Beach

Where Does Alcoholics Anonymous Get Money?

Why try to bear the burden on your own? Get friendly, caring, emotional and practical support! If your issue is alcohol, help is at hand at the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly scheduled right here in West Palm Beach. Come and find out what this well-respected organization and its many caring members can do for YOU.

How Many AA Meetings A Week in West Palm Beach?

If your problem is the illness of alcoholism, right here in West Palm Beach there are regularly scheduled meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous that can help YOU with your problem. Other men and women who have the same issues you do can and will help you in your fight to get the best of your problem. Come to a meeting and see for yourself that help is not that far away. Are you concerned about coming to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting because you aren’t ready to commit to attending regularly? Relax! No commitment is ever asked for. Come as often as you want. Come to one meeting to check AA out. Come regularly or just when it’s convenient. We don’t monitor or police your attendance. And with meetings right here in West Palm Beach, AA meetings can be very convenient for you.

How Did Alcoholics Anonymous Get Started?

Whatever the problems are you’re facing, alcohol is NOT the answer. “Drowning your sorrows” never really works. The next day the problem is still there, and now it will have been compounded as you deal with the aftermath of your drinking. If you have a pattern of drinking to excess to mask your problems, come to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting here in West Palm Beach and learn the joys of living in recovery, alcohol-free and coping with your problems in a much better, healthier way. Are you worrying about an upcoming event at which there will be drinking—a wedding, bar mitzvah, quinceañera, corporate party, or other alcohol-fueled reception? Are you trying to stay sober but finding it a tough road on your own? Alcoholics Anonymous can help! We have meetings right here in West Palm Beach and can help you with those extra-difficult situations, whether it’s going to a wedding and not drinking, or handling stress without relying on alcohol. Check us out!

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