Hollywood Alcoholics Anonymous

Where Are AA Meetings In Maryland?

Do you think admitting you have a problem is showing weakness? NO! It is a display of STRENGTH to admit you have a problem and to have the courage to face it head-on. At Alcoholics Anonymous meetings—and Hollywood has regularly scheduled meetings of AA—members do battle with their addiction to alcohol and help other members who also have that problem. Come and show your strength to enter that battle and get the help you need.

What Are Alcoholics Anonymous?

Are you concerned about joining Alcoholics Anonymous because you’re afraid you can’t stick with the program and might relapse and take a drink—or several? Nobody in AA will shame you or embarrass you for relapsing. Of course we hope you won’t take that drink, but if you do, no one will wag a finger at you. We’ll just help you stay stronger in the face of the next temptation. Come to a meeting right here in Hollywood. We’ll be happy to see you.

How Do I Join Alcoholics Anonymous?

Hollywood residents who have issues with alcohol should know that they can get help with their problem by attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Hollywood. At these meetings, individuals who are staying sober one day at a time can both take and give help with struggles with alcohol abuse. Why travel a tough road alone when others are able, willing, and more than happy to walk the road with you and be at your side?

Why AA Meetings Work?

Come to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous here in Hollywood and see how this much-respected organization can help YOU. Alcoholics Anonymous has a long history of helping men and women of all backgrounds and all walks of life in their fight to overcome alcoholism. AA can help YOU, as well. Give it a chance. Give it a shot. Give YOURSELF the opportunity to beat the alcohol issues that plague you.

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