Delray Beach Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous Drinking National Problem Help?

Find your way back from the problem of alcohol addiction. Here in Delray Beach there are meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous where you will be welcomed and helped with your struggle by other people of all types and backgrounds who have that same problem and that same goal. Help is as near as the next aa meeting. Why try to bear the burden on your own? Get friendly, caring, emotional and practical support! If your issue is alcohol, help is at hand at the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly scheduled right here in Delray Beach. Come and find out what this well-respected organization and its many caring members can do for YOU.

How Many AA Meetings Are There In The World?

Are you concerned about joining Alcoholics Anonymous because you’re afraid you can’t stick with the program and might relapse and take a drink—or several? Nobody in AA will shame you or embarrass you for relapsing. Of course we hope you won’t take that drink, but if you do, no one will wag a finger at you. We’ll just help you stay stronger in the face of the next temptation. Come to a meeting right here in Delray Beach. We’ll be happy to see you. A helping hand. That’s what you’ll get at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings here in Delray Beach. Our members help each other to deal with the issues of drinking and also help each other to deal with the problems of life without relying on alcohol as a crutch. You can do it. We can help. Come to your first meeting SOON.

What Do AA Meetings Talk About?

Alcoholics Anonymous espouses taking it “one day at a time.” We don’t ask you to stay alcohol-free for the rest of your life (even though we hope you will). We just ask you to stay alcohol-free today…and then, tomorrow, we hope you will commit to staying alcohol-free for another day. One day at a time. We have meetings right here in Delray Beach and hope to see you at the next one.

How Do AA Meetings Work in Delray Beach?

If you feel embarrassed, ashamed, or guilty over the things you sometimes say or do when you are under the influence of alcohol, consider that it’s time to sober up. And right here in Delray Beach there are meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous that can give you the very help you need. If you’re trying to recover from an addiction to alcohol, you don’t need to walk the path alone. Come to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and let our members give you help. Find the person you’re most comfortable with and can relate to best, and ask him or her to be your “sponsor.” We have regularly scheduled meetings in Delray Beach, and we’d love to see you at the next one, so we can start helping you.

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