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The primary goal of Satori Waters is to treat the disease of addiction and provide clients with the skills to live a life free of substance dependence.

A New Era in Recovery has been launched: one that combines the best of traditional approaches with new, leading edge evidence-based methodologies. The goals are identical: to lead a clean and sober lifestyle that will provide a lifetime of personal satisfaction through physical, mental, spiritual and social enhancement. We are confident that once you learn of our treatment approach, you will understand why it makes so much sense to see you, your loved one, your friend, your colleague, your employee, participating in such an all-encompassing program. Satori Waters treats the whole person with positive results.

Substance Use Disorder & Mental Health Disordersdrug addiction, nutrition

We are proud to say as a result of our staff licensing and clinical protocols, we are capable of treating men and women who have both substance use and mental health disorders.

The New & The Traditional

Initial Assessments are the cornerstone of our treatment. We painstakingly apply every technique at our disposal to accurately diagnose our client’s addiction and possible mental health disorder/s, as well as the bio-social aspects (physical issues, environment and or family issues) of our client’s life.

We have the ability through genetic testing, to accurately discover what medications might be necessary for our client and what will work the best (example one anti-depressant vs another).

We have the ability to assess brain functioning and determine areas that may have been damaged through prolonged alcohol/drug abuse and or pain medication misuse and treat accordingly.

Neurofeedback or Biofeedback is a technique used at Satori Waters to directly train the brain to function more effectively. All of our clients will have this opportunity. It’s an integral part of our treatment program and its fun.

Nutrition and Dietary needs are viewed as a vital piece of the recovery process. Every client Mental Health Disorders, nutrition, drug addictionreceives a dietary plan and is monitored throughout treatment by our registered dietician.

Art Therapy and Yoga. Both are important areas that allow our clients the opportunity to express their feelings while opening their minds and bodies to new creativity, as well as the ability to relax and breathe freely.

Interactive Journaling allows our clients the opportunity to record their feelings and thoughts as they work their way through treatment.

12-Step groups, both in house and in the community are required as part of our program. Why question what has worked so well for so many. Satori Waters embraces the self-help movement.

Call us for alcohol and drug treatment:

We can help 1-855-9SATORI

Satori Waters, 3550 Powerline Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33309

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